Thursday, 25 November 2010

This weeks tutorial session

Tuesday’s tutorial was an interesting one unfortunately Phil wasn’t in to see my procession and speak about the project so the recent thoughts where taken into the discussion with Alan, I didn’t have many technical questions however this gave me a chance to speak about a comment left on my blog an idea where I could really improve the appeal of my animation.

The idea is to master my surroundings as magician masters his tricks so in other words I have to act as the main conductor to the success as well as bringing influences from other sources for my scene becoming the magician so to speak. Constructing my shadows in a form of illusion is a key consideration showing things like anticipation, grabbing the attention of the viewer whilst something else is occurring in the scene in a subtle manner. Inevitably if performed correctly this will evoke reactions such as ‘did that just move?’ I want to raise questions in the audiences mind and play with there inner thoughts.

I came across these billboard illustrations which follow along similar lines of the idea I’ll express in my animation. You as the spectator can see that the illusion in front of the projected scene however you’re not quite sure what is happening behind the billboard. Starts to raise questions…
Red-Cross Optical illusion billboards

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