Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New beginning/ending

There have been concerns in regards to the previsualization of my animation I've gone over an idea with Alan in the tutorial today, the start doesn't really gel with the beginning and ending of the animation. To resolves this I've come up with a Pandora's like box idea.

You can seen from the supplementary storyboard how the beginning of my animation will work in unison with the ending, the box symbolized the nature of the animation in the sense the audience notice some kind of abnormal turbulence which will evoke an emotional change. The opening of the box represents the drama about to unfold in the animation, in viewer perceptive thoughts such as ‘what’s in the box?’ comes to mind.
The ending will in some respect be the same as the beginning however this time the box will be enchanted by the shadows as they slither into the box, the identity of the graphics shown on the box from the start will also be changed to the alchemy pieces of artwork.
A slight changed has been made on the Childs toy box and have debated whether to use a Childs toy chest instead, this is something I’ll raise in the crit. Perhaps the chest my fit in better with my environment. with this thought in mind I have opted to go for the chest for now.

I’ve prepared a quick and simple pre-viz to accompany the next final edit of the animatic.
Pandora's box illustrations
 The illustration above in particular captures and justifies the idea i have raised.

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