Tuesday, 27 April 2010

E Stings

A general area in which to start looking and thinking about my ideas was to examine the kinds of esting that already exist in the world. I’d like to make sure the ‘sting’ that I create differs to the ones already out there.


Models and Metaphors

Models and Metaphors
Ok time for a new project.

The transcription project was a huge success and a nice bench mark for my time at UCA I think it’s really time to go for it, exceed my expectations. The last project of the year has begun firstly I’d like to set a few guideline from the brief just to refresh the expectation of the assignment and verify some of the goals and aspects of the proposal.

Reading through the content of the brief key pieces of information has been outlined ‘metaphoric language, creative zeitgeist, metaphoric references, ‘physical’ identification, conceptual connotations, promotion of products, brands and identities and advertising promotion and marketing. Having these are essential now allowing me to start thinking about the features in which the unit obtains.

The task is essentially the production of an esting (advertisement) for the channels E4.we have the option to either create a fully animated or a hybrid of live action CG. The idea here is to promote the E4 brand appropriate for viewing to specific audience/audiences ranging from around 10 to 12 seconds.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Final Animation.

My final transcription project render with sound by Cliff Martinez.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Texturing and lighting compete.

The transcription project has now come to a conclusion the scene is complete after much distress and sleepless night’s things have really taken form although well worth it. Still having minor rendering issues tweaks also there is room for improvements but this will have to wait for another day. From all the work created on this course so far I feel that this project has been the most resolved. Having been taking consideration of these challenges as the client and the freelancer in a sense .it’s clear in my workflow that my confidence has grown terms of the Maya application especially.

Considering some of the processes used the time scale and a very small understanding within them. Job well done I’d say.

The lighting had really brought my scene into prospective as before things looked slightly unbalanced so therefore the illumination of the Maya physical sun and sky had causing adjustments to improve the scene further.Below are a few sample pieces rendered with setting before correction for instance gamma levels, intensity on shaders and so on.
Sign 1 detial
Sign 2 detial
Structure 1
 Structure 2
 Structure 3
Structure 4
Structure 5
Structure 6
Structure 7
Structure 8
Walk way 1
Navigation panel
 Walk way detial
Walk way 2
Walk way 2
Means of travel
Background structure
Palm crystal
Palm crystal
Walk through

Friday, 16 April 2010

Laying out Uv's

The remainder of the day has been spent finishing off lay outing out the UV’s for my structures ready for a heavy texturing weekend. This whole process has been a huge learning curves having not experienced laying out UV’s in the past I can now move forward from this familiarity with the basic knowledge covered.

I’d like to be very experimental and see what kinds of texture maps I can create this is one of the main aspect in which will make or beak my environment and really bring it to life. To capture the aesthetic I’m going to re-asses the designs, influences, inspiration that have been collected over the duration of this unit. Sourcing these will really help me as I can notice elements which could play a part in my environment at this stage.
Whilst taking note of the thought process as well modifying the UV’s in the texture editor much more attention was taken on finalizing details in making sure I remember to constantly make full use of the 0 to 1 place, this is an area that needs to be considered when laying out Uv’s, its important that I’ve identified this early ensuring things are done a little more accurately in the future.All the important section of the texture placement have been covered and ready. A few of my UV texture examples are shown below.

Physical Sun and Sky Lighting

I’ve spent the morning learning about some lighting techniques within Maya and testing out the physical sun and sky tutorial as this will be a major part in the overall lighting of my scene. In doing this process it has enable me to take note of rendering time and also the importance of gamma correction as this can change a scene significantly. I have also come to a conclusion about the intensity of the lighting on my environment and the settings within metal ray here are a few examples from the tutorial.
Without Physical Sun and Sky

At the moment no lighting has been applied and it is noticeable that the render is fairly mild.

With Physical Sun and Sky
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Variation 6
Variation 7
The metal ray nodes have now been applied is it now noticeable the dramatic change.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Maya modelling work update

Maya Work
The modelling process has been a long one and now ready to finish up on it for now. In order to get the maximum efficiency from the sketches of my environment, time was needed on the models (examples below). Being low res however simplistic this classified the structures and pieces of geometry as games models so very pleased with the outcome achieved here. In the past I have created scenes on a much smaller scale so therefore things are much broader now on this unit, from my experiences of modelling I’ve used basic techniques keeping things very low key and manageable, as one of the main aims for this unit was to push myself to explore more boundaries this has resulted in undertaking a higher level of understanding. Some of theses goals include laying out UV’s, texturing and lighting appropriately.