Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New Minor title

Some constructive criticism about my title sequence was given in the tutorial with Phil monday, I’ve thought about it quite a lot and have found an interesting way to improving it. Since the tutorial amongst other important aspects of the project my time spent has mainly been on creating a visually attractive look with reference to the content of the expressive shadows in the body of the animation, the old title sequence doesn’t really fit into the overall aesthetic to my animation. Therefore this change is essential.
First edit
Thinking back to the transcription project the title was moderately dark but contained a sci-fi look (significant to the overall project), I have been inspired by my own work to take a similar route with the style of the title and create another for this project.
Again watching tutorials online has help provide answers to this animated sequence, Once formed the text with the desired font in adobe illustrator it is then imported into after effects, these are some of the expressions used to change the text shape and dynamics in its movement.

Start = (random([100,100,100],[1000,1000,1000]);
End = value;
Linear (time,0,6, start, end)
Ease(time,0,3+(index*thisComp.frameDuration)start, end)

Final Edit with Logo
The complete title sequence is shown here, still in need for some minor adjustments but will do for now. Bare in mind the quality isn’t the greatest and things could be spaced out I little better time wise.

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