Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Character Preparation

I stressed the facts of my character with Alan today in the tutorial, the main focus was the idea of the characters movements, and how can I produce a working sharp like form in Maya with my models?  Is it possible switch between models when animating? I took note of what was being addressed/explained, what may seem difficult in actual fact isn’t in my case, I felt there where much larger challenges and issues on my plate in concerns to the character production however what needs to be achieved is simple but effective. I’ve produced an example of what Alan had done in the tutorial.

I’ve created a graph of the fundamentals used in the process. Just to illustrate how it was done for future reference.
character process
Example in action
Vector render maintaining the wireframe.
The original mesh has been hidden allowing the other model to express itself, so essential what we have is a hierarchy of a rig with two different identities being the spiky like model and normal low resolution model.

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