Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My Creature Anatomy

Creatures Anatomy
I’ve taken some brief time out to study the anatomy of the characters of my project, for purposes of developing a secure understanding. I have undergone some research into key feature of my specific animals and also looked at the anatomy, the knowledge obtained should increase the visual appeal/the basic structures they contain when animating. One of the main ideas for the characteristics the animals emit partially will be based around the nature inhabitants as I’d like to portray there wild personality. So this should give me a foreground into a gratifying realistic movement.

Even though my characters will be projected as shadows its important I see them through to the end as this will be a stepping stone and a learning curve, It will enable me to not only brush up on the rigging but skinning as well. 

The whole process of constructing a character really interests me knowing how they move/interact, behave ect is something that I like looking in depth, it allow you to get the best possible result for a character and give off a more realistic view as well as pushing the boundries to a bliebeabouty extent.
All my characters are based on predatory mammals but they don’t really acquire a specific animal characteristic, up until now the main supervisions are around grizzly/polar(bear), gray wolf/pit-bull(hound), eagle/vulture(bird).
  These sketches display the inter bone structure for my mammals, they give me a sense of the structure for my rig.

grizzly bear from Analu Cole on Vimeo.

Direct observational clips have been located as well as perspective from others to insure I’m on the right lines when piecing together the movements for the characters.

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Hi Rdhillon, would you be interested in illustrating bear anatomy for my book, please reply and I will get back in touch with you