Sunday, 28 March 2010

Additional sketches

The arena for my cg platform is really taking place now here are some additional sketches used to develop my scene further to the next level.
Light and dark values

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Maya Work

The layout for my modelling process I find to be very important this will determine the areas in which my models (architecture) will sit and also give a small sense of scale. I can no look back at the layout and derive a model for example pre-visualization as I would like to show the camera movements within the scene. Having this ready is essential after the modelling, texturing, lighting is I can commence rendering.

The animation shall circulate my game environment we are diving into a utopian realm constructed from the Logan’s Run novel, I felt there is a need for the main backbone of my project being the novel to show and shine its significance to the transcription that I am depicting. The palm crystals is a good indication also entity as this can be seen as the main focal area to the whole Logan’s run story. Society having to controls the level of population that live in the underground quarters renew there crystals, coming of age where they are no longer authorized to live, therefore in terms of my games platform I am creating a stage for a character/characters to manoeuvre in.

The idea is to merge and render out 2 may be 3 separate passes together, hence the camera movement around my environment this will allow me to showcase the model wireframe. I would then like to show a kind of transformation going into a toon shader perhaps then the finalized texture much like what is being exhibited in this showreel below by Ryan Taylor.

Camera Test

I received some help from my colleges about the way in which I’d like to manipulate my camera, I was unsure how to focalize the camera to a certain position while animating it along a curve as a motion path and so come up with this solution which helped with my the pre-visualization.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Model Layout

The layout for my modelling process I find to be very important this will determine the areas in which my models (architecture) will sit and also give a small sense of scale. I can no look back at the layout and derive a model for example pre-visualization as I would like to show the camera movements within the scene. Having this ready is essential after the modelling, texturing, lighting is I can commence rendering.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Further Whiteboard Concepts

The art created on my whiteboard is coming to the end now I feel that I have created enough information to work from and time to produce a higher standard on paper, these are the examples used to develop the finished art work for the transcription unit.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Environment development

I’ve spent most of my time lately working on some details that will appear in my scene, along side these details my main concepts are almost finished and ready to reveal on my blog they are currently going under some refinements.

I found that my scene is a little short of describe content, in order to get the best effect to the audience about the world they are watching some clues need to be added giving the feeling of a clean futuristic utopian environment, as this is the kind of dynamic I’m looking for things needs to be clear, such as the athletics of details. I have this vision of my world containing a totally different means of transport society no longer need to travel in vehicles another way is by using the ‘travel controller’ plotting coordinates then entering the jelly water type substance allowing it to flow you into the right direction, It is the future. Transporting civilization quickly and efficiently free of charge this is an underground technology which enhances ways of transport economically no more emissions.

I’d like to model out a revisualization of my sense and test the way in which my camera will move and also get a sense of scale working with the models, this is a nice way to establish which angles work better then others and so on. I’ve modelling out a quick example of the Palm Crystal hand sculpture which is in a way the heart of my scene as this depicts the strongest relationship to the novel and its story line.

Maya dynamics part 2




Dynamics_Heinz beansCan_1



There are slight abnormalities in the Heinz beans tutorial playblast and the bubble playblast as they have not been rendered in different passes also edited together in after-effects.

Framing practise for dissertation (synopsis and proforma)

Framing practise for dissertation (synopsis and proforma)
We where asked to have some questions prepared for the following seminar just so things can be addressed concerns ect, some thoughts maybe stronger then others, even if you are still worried about the whole process it was best to get it out in the open, I went into the seminar not fully acknowledged about the path I was going to take. I’d thought about the draft quite a lot during the first few weeks before we began and knew the general area in which to take the essay, thinking in small steps are the thoughts I took into the seminar and discussed these with Chris Hunt areas in terms of the course I am studying were the basis of my conversation question one was the ‘effects of films on the real world’ looking into society and change. I explained the unit that is currently being worked on and involves a utopian/dystopian kind of thinking. Chris had liked the idea and so suggested I stick with it, Children of Men (2006) an adaption of the novel published in 1992 was the first region of study as it fits nicely into a questions synopsis (The village 2004 director M Night Shyamalan) was recommended in addition ). Another general area in which to explore was the phenomenon of gated communities, the world today has many issues concerns over land war and peace is evident. So if was take Israel and Palestine for instances the threat of the two regions are in constant disagreement the relationship this has to my school of thought is along the lines of if take the border which separate the countries and think of it as a personification as a barrier between a film and the society that are watching we can notice a association here. The purpose to my essay would be to explore facets that relate modern day films to the phenomenon of gated communities in today’s present world and climate. Films are now becoming more frequently animated including animation large amounts of editing goes on. Where will it end?
A huge amount of emphasis is going into my transcription project at the moment therefore this is the result for the lack of posting regarding my essay and the route that I am taking, however there’s still time to get the essay complete. During the first Lecture session it was interesting to see other student’s dissertation drafts and noticing the problems that occurred in them, as we have been given a strong also weak essay examples I can now relate to them and notice what I have done wrongly in the past, time to really start rectifying my writing as a whole now.

Essay question-In what ways do films reflect the real world?
More research will be added and I’m going to think a lot more about the broad routes I can take also arrange another discussion with Chris Hunt to examine whether the direction of my thoughts are clear enough to follow.
Some of topics covered in our lectures include Psychoanalysis, Feminism and Marxism.

Border wall between Israel and Palestine

Recommended films

Presenting a bleak, harrowing, and yet ultimately hopeful vision of humankind's not-too-distant future, Children of Men is a riveting cautionary tale of potential things to come. Set in the crisis-ravaged future of 2027, and based on the atypical 1993 novel by British mystery writer P.D. James, the anxiety-inducing, action-packed story is set in a dystopian England where humanity has become infertile (the last baby was born in 2009), immigration is a crime, refugees (or "fugees") are caged like animals, and the world has been torn apart by nuclear fallout, rampant terrorism, and political rebellion.
The village (2004)
'The Village' depicts the tale of an isolated town confronting the astonishing truth that lies just outside its borders. At first glance, this village seems picture perfect, but this close-knit community lives with the frightening knowledge that creatures reside in the surrounding woods. The evil and foreboding force is so unnerving that none dare venture beyond the borders of the village and into the woods.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

More Whiteboard Concepts and Sketches

The Thumbnails here are more renditions connected to the other final concept, different angles are being shown which correspond to the overall layout. These will be edited in the same manor as before to gather a clearer understanding of the space.

Once accessing my concept I started thinking about the general layout the positioning of various pieces of architecture and the relationships that are being shown, all the buildings need to have a senses of normality they need to fit with each other in this world im creating so everything even the smaller details need to be taken in consideration to the design.

There are two platforms of space in which the character/characters are able to manoeuvre ground 1 and ground 2 the reason being is so there is an element for the two areas to interlink, becoming more dynamic. Referring back to the novel some of the descriptions are explained very vaguely. ‘Logan found himself kneeling beside Lilith on a narrow ledge high in the complex. Below them, the great city was alive with snakes of light. He saw the rows of blinking glasshouse near Hurley Square and, beyond, the dazzle of Arcade. ’ So this therefore allows e to fill in some gaps and grasp the overall look myself. External logic will play an important part in the design as to one of the goals is to push reality in my design work and get a nice defined believable world.

From Whiteboard to Concept

I have had a vast amount of speculation over my concept art especially the ones that have been created on the whiteboard, in terms of what they offer my unit this is something I’m like to explain just so you can get an overall image of there purpose. An example of the strength the thumbnails show is how I come to a finalised piece from producing quick sketches from my head.

The process shown below is from thumbnail to Concept.
Average amount of time taken minute or two

Time expanded here to hour or so getting proportions right in pencil then overlaying marker pen.w

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Some structural architecture and modifications

It was hard to picture the overall surroundings that were being illustrated in my head, a stepping stone to achieving some designs for the environment was to creating some randomized aerial plans in black and white using Photoshop as a tool.
Then taking the plans and visualising them into a 3d dimensional space the black value indicates some kind of architecture the white would be the area around the raised value.

A previous drawing needed to be concluded if you have seen the subsequent sketches that have been made you will noticed that the shape and form of the structure is the same as this one. I’ve tried to put a graph together along side a Birdseye view of its blueprint using the method before. Still not completely resolved so therefore this would be something I’ll be revisiting.
A whiteboard concept at work.

An earlier piece shown above also the transformation into the beginnings of a main concept, still a lot more line work needs to be added plus detail. Once I am satisfied with the level of detail the next step will be to take it into Photoshop adding colour, depth, tones and textures.