Thursday, 28 January 2010

Cartoon Character Model

I was initially unsure what character to design for Alan and increasingly become more and more distance from the modelling procedure many challenges where awaiting me rigging it and texturing were some of the requirements for the task set. From the character design project a simple character was designed and ready to model taking this in consideration the character was set and ready for me to begin.

A vast amount of time was taken on modelling and developing the structure of the characters face I think maybe too much time and focus was taken on getting the face just right as I was trying to go for perfection although I’m not at the high standard I’d like to be more practise is needed. Thinking back on the modelling phase I had observed myself and noticed the things running though my mind this in turn enabled me to graft a reasonable successful character.

  • Flow - Ways in which the geometry is facing also where the edges are leading.

  • Shape - Making use of quads on my character.(avoiding any triangles) 

  • Size - Correct distance between edges and taking in account volume.

 I believe its true of all cartoon characters they will never be exact or precise here I am referring to the correct proportions (width, height) to the drawing sketches whatever the case maybe in comparatively to modelling in Maya and programme such as this, therefore the process of imagination comes into play in some circumstances you are the sole creator of the character that you have designed which leaves you with the decisions on the scope of the character. I believe this was true to my character he had already been pictured in my mind and now comes to life when modelled.
Fidel Character

Head Detail

Hand detail


The greatest challenge I had faced on the is model was the skinning process, I decided from the beginning I was going to paint the weight onto the model although I have recently experienced using the component editor to edit the skinned model and individual vertices, the alternative was painting the weights and therefore this proved to be time consuming as I was still getting to gripes with it. Those of you that are familiar with skinning and rigging this image clearly indicate the deformation of the models geometry when the joints are being animated.


In some cases the piece that you have created has something missing from it, its evidence that textures that are applied to your model/models bring it to life adding character. In addition to the problems I am facing with Maya in general texturing is an issue that needs to be resolved, on of the way I’m planning on reviewing and going over the 1st years tutorials just to allow myself to come to terms with some of the things that are involved within texturing i.e. maps, nodes, the attrbutes and so on.

Whilst testing a few things using the hyper shade I discovered a quick easy simple way of creating a eye that would have been incorporated with my character, as my the model I sculpt is based on a cartoon character this eye using a ramp 2d texture node works well in relation to simple design.

Narrative finished sequence

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Maya work Update...

My Maya work from the technical classes have been somewhat hidden and not regularly posted onto my blog for all to see, it has occurred to me now really try my best to publish and give evidence of my work flow. Despite this negatively and truth I need to overcome, every inch of the technical classes I’ve sat through large quantities of Maya know how and knowledge has something has been absorbed this has therefore enabled me to create a fully modelled, rigged and skinned character. Below is a collection of the Maya work ranging from the earlier periods of the 2nd mainly incomplete the task I have set myself is to finish them.

Maya 2010 Modelling...
Mini model

This model is fairly dull at the moment to catch up the model requires a few more components for example the grill, wheel arch also modifications to the roof and back lights.

Cartoon character model

The cartoon character has been a challenge in itself following the step by step tutorials given during the technical classes have really helped, I began with a incomplete model unsure where the model was obtainable, the decision was made to save time and start again as the geometry was quite wide nothing could be salvaged. The next steps are to add the eyes, hat and small facial features such as the beak.

Human Head Modelling

From all other modelling I find creating a human head very fascinating you can clearly see how distinctive the geometry is in relation to the actual head itself my model is coming along nicely, the eye shape need improvement nose needs to be added add along with the neck.

(I hear the ear will be a pain)

Human body modelling

Now here you are seeing the first few stages of the human body modelling, I found this much more easily as it required less geometry compared to the head more work is needed on the abs of the model to large, have to remember I am working from orthographic images from a real life person so things need to be distinct right in proportional sense. Next stage is to model arms and legs.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Swapping Genre - Task

The thought about the swapping genre task set but Allen has been lurking around in the back ground behind the group project lately having looking into it in the earlier weeks of the narrative project and thinking bout where the individual tasks will venture is still yet to be uncovered. I would like to create something that is visually comical and impacts the viewer perhaps a peculiar piece from opposite genres.

Methods: Romantic, Romance, Love, Comedy

Watch Men In Black Trailer in Entertainment | View More Free Videos Online at
Alternative sounds for trailer below.

The background sounds plays a very important part to my trailer and to the success to what I’m trying to achieve, set out to find a decent love song which would instantly convey the message of the trailer to the spectator. There are so many different kinds of love instrumentals out there it didn’t take me to long in search of the right one for me. Taking the risk with this Bollywood theme explores a different medium and produces a certain type of quantity which was what I was in search for. (Theatrical)

Tommy Lee Jones
Will Smith

Columbia Films Intro

Inspiration from the Brokeback Mountain back to the future piece inspired me to create my own love spiral between two characters in this case the people I was going to use star in many films famously the main area of research was Men in Back Tommy Lee Jones and will smith , gathering footage and collaborating a pastiche the idea here is to show some sort of relationship between the characters as they are partners in the fictional world I felt it was right to exploit the nature of this and bring a sense of reality perhaps over time this relationship has grown and now they can no longer hide their love for each other. (The main premise to my idea).

Genre swapping poster.

Poster complimenting trailer.

(Adobe Premiere Pro CS3)

Providentially I stuck to using cs3 after hearing about the numerous complications from some of my colleagues on the course I felt a small sign of relief work was not lost or corrupted on this occasion. The editing of the my trailer involved various methods of trial and error so much footage was collected most of it had to ditched the best bits where kept that I felt were necessary for the effect created by my piece.
I’ve put together a very long trailer here intentionally however become carried away with the task I soon realised it was too long, the ending is more of a review about the film which was also part of the comical spoof illusion I’m trying to display this fact brings a sense of realism and perhaps to first time viewer of men in black, with a little more work 'the trailer is an actual film'. The type of thought that would possibly derive from my trailer.

Final Rendered Trailer Uploaded onto Youtube

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Q's Shoe
Art and design webiste showcaseing various shoe designs.

Whist reaching alternative kinds of shoes for Q to wear the one that stuck out from the rest was this Lavin men’s shoe not only did it fit with the initial designs of the shoe it was the most appeal as I located views of the shoe which in turn helped with the modelling of the shoe.

Lanvin Men’s Shoes
Lanvin 2009 Spring/Summer Richelieu Shoes

Maya Shoe Model

It’s evident that the mechanisms of the blades are not showing in the views from the model in Maya. I was at a slight dilemma with the logic in terms of the way in which the shoe would work although there is a button on the back allowing the shoe to function properly there was no reasonable way for the knifes to emerge form the sole area of the shoe. I’ve uploaded into sky drive for tom and matt to help come up with some sort of solution to the problem where facing.

Whisk Model

Lazer Whisk Maya model

Lazer Whisk Conceptual Art






Electric whisk design

Lazer Whisk

Laser pens where the main influence for Laser on the gadget.

The props for our set is almost complete I believe that there are only a few more pieces to complete the puzzle now, here is one of the main gadget that is shown in the animated short of our shopping channel, a deign had already been prepared however modification where needed and this job was fine tuned by me.

I simplified tom’s existing design of the Laser whisk and was also asked to model it. Overall happy with the new design feel that my Photoshop skills are improving each time I use it picking up new techniques and leaning new skills to tackle problem in addition.
The concept depict one of Q’s wacky invention yet again, you can see 3 buttons which have different functions in addition to this there is a lever allowing the actual whisk to be in motion when used, the challenge was creating the Laser, I noticed Tom added a scope to his design and this was one of the few things I decided not to use as the aim was to simply things on the gadget.

I feel this gadget (product) will compliment the whole idea of this unit coming to terms with the reality of shopping channels.