Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Artist Research

Michel Leah Keck
Internally driven, and emotionally charged, Keck's original abstract art and mixed media paintings have been described as "dark yet uplifting simultaneously". "Keck works in a wide variety of mediums."
"Michel Leah Keck's work is truly unique. Often you see an artist's work and your first thought is "it's derivative." It reminds you of Pollack, Klee, Scarlett or Miro. This is not the case with Michel Leah. In addition to being wholly original, her work is powerful, exudes emotion."

 Kumi Yamashita
"Kumi Yamashita is Japanese artist who is creating amazing artworks based on shadow rather than light. Yamashita could be eventually called ‘the master of shadow’ because most of his artworks are actually made of it or more precisely, they are made to be the shadow."
"This interesting artistic style is far from easy since the artist has to calculate exactly how light is going to act and to put the light source in a proper position. For the end, you make take a look at the video that shows how he does this amazing kind of art."

 Terryl Whitlatch
"I was also constantly drawing both real and imaginary animals and thought I would become a scientific illustrator.  I combined my love of art and science by majoring in vertebrate zoology and illustration in college”
 Many Artists having mastered Anatomy still lacks the edge that enables them to create believable fantasy wildlife, what attributes enable you to define the line between realities and make believe to create such unique creatures?"
"To make imaginary animals believable one must first be familiar with the biology of living animals--their place in nature, how they behave within their Environment, what they eat, how they catch their food, are they carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivorous, etc. how does their anatomy enable them to exist? How does their form influence their function, personality and habits?  In essence what is the WHY of the species?"

"Among other things you’re well known for your creature work on Star Wars"


Alan Postings said...

Hi Raj,

I love some of these references. Particularly the shadows casts...very nice.

Take a look at Chris Ayers website below (Gallery - Creature section). He has a great aesthetic.

Rdhillon said...

Thanks Alan.. will do. :)

tutorphil said...

agreed - great to see you fine-tuning your approach - and yes, the shadows cast by fragments does seem to synch up nicely with some of your recent R&D work.

Rdhillon said...

These are some of the artists I discovered and collected before the tutorial session, I was going to elaborate further having these as influence for my character designs although its already been established that the use of Alchemy will determine the expressionistic nature I’m looking for in the designs.