Monday, 30 November 2009

New story Narartive story structure


Let’s have a look at the narrative project now.

Lately I haven’t had the chance to speak about what’s happening with the narrative project to date, due to other project work but now that is finished I can explain the event of last weeks, Tuesday a special guess actor Glen a ex- student to the university and former cg arts student exhibited his knowledge of the narrative genre to us. Dreading the fact that we might make a fool of ourselves as some of us were in lack of confidence to physically act but it wasn’t to bad to be honest, Matt didn’t turn up on the day never the less we got down to some fun activities there were key things about ‘narrative’ that where established, things that the whole of the group didn’t know. According to Glen his theory suggest the best way to approach a narrative story structure is to work backwards as the end is the hardest part to produce.


We felt that the introduction, complication and climax was concluded however didn’t think that the resolution and conclusion was entirely there. Glen explained how the external logic/reality will come into our work gags and jokes need to be addressed in some of the work as logic may not appear to everyone.

A Few activities covered on the day:
  • Acting poses
  • Group juggling balls
  • Relating rigs to puppets
The day was coming to a close Glen asked if there was anything that he might have missed Tom and I used this opportunity to find out how acting with no dialogue can be improved and incorporated with our work as the Q idea involves no dialogue. We were broke up into groups of twos and created a very short dialogue using letters of the alphabet using descriptive words which defined our poses when acted out.

We sat down with Glen and spoke openly about the assignment and the way we where planning on progressing the project he suggested that it may be a bit complex initially, he recommended to keep the shopping idea alive and run with it, cutting out the being and trading this with a sequence of the classic gun barrel from James Bond, the barrel would roll onto the set of the shopping channel introducing it straight away using another classic implement of James Bond the sound track also by executing this method successfully it engages the audience and makes them aware that this is Q (Desmond Llewellyn), another change was to one of the gadgets the shoe knife instead of given the shoe to his assistant this can be less complicated and in turn simplified, no more assistant, he counters this problem with his shoe and ends up leaving the shoe on set. The last element of change was the ending, here it was evidence things where not working in terms of the relationship the other gadget, this is the climax so we have to focus on something big .The ‘Grinder’ will still perform the same act but be build after the first two gadget have been shown, being built during a break for instance would allow this to become introduced in the programme the grinder portrays a working appliance (makes cup of coffee/tea) after almost destroying the whole set.

Friday, 27 November 2009


 I went to go see a film today with a group of friends - 2012, I had high expectations about the film seeing trailers and reviews prior to watching it, personality found the film fully satisfying examples of immense cg was mind blowing making me more and more exchanged with the movie not realising that it was actually 3 hours long. Showcased a classic family scenario much like deep impact fighting for there survival and flowing there journey through it.

A lot of my work try’s to convey a sense of meaning using the world we live in, noticing what might possibly happen in the future perhaps not in our life time was really interesting to see from another prospective. The devastation of world in the film introduced a feeling of De Ja Vu as if I’ve witnessed it before hmm how strange.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Extra bits and bobs

Character Turnarounds

Colour References

The jungle has a huge resource of materials for instance wood leafs water and soil, the modern world we live in some individuals around the world rely on these resources to survive this also apply to wild life also. My props have come solely from the jungle examples of weapons made of wood and clothing on my characters are all from the forest.




Finals Character Designs

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Expression Sheets

It was very difficult to see how my character faces change to create expressions, with 2 out of 3 being quite serious figures (Omni and Argo), I found it easier to create more for Fidel as he has developed cartoonier and so enabled me to churn out more sketches. Here shows a variety of expressions from a happy smirk to an angry frown.




Sunday, 22 November 2009

Character synopsis + Backgrounds

Thinking about my characters there names where not established until the design were complete I feel that the only way to give a good names is to wait and see the outcome of the design, then applying a suitable names to it because this way you are able to see if it works, I believe everything contains a name in the world whether it is an objet or something anonymous, I tried not to give the tradition names like Tom, Ben, Sam and so on these are just to boring and common, therefore it lead me into Ancient Greek names, my characters have now been named as the following:

Hero: Omni
Omni is a heroic individual fighting for survival in a prime evil jungle setting, predators stalk the lands that he lives in discovering threats on a day to day basis he is the only one of his kind left in the jungle. His relatives have passed away or been captured, perhaps they are in captivity not a lot of thought has gone into the whole story of what has happened in the overall fictional world I have created, it is sure that most of them are extinct from the increase of predators in the jungle forest, Omni has taken a physically powerful shape and form this is the result of living condition up in the tree tops, evidence shown in the designs indicates his abilities in the world he lives in, fending for himself is key for survival similar to the latest King Kong 2005 film character.

Villain: Argo
Argo is the opposite to Omni, he belong to a huge society of human crocodiles being the rulers of the jungle in terms of his status he is just an addition to a long family of crocodiles with only one thing on there mind taking over the world, Enslaving creatures of the jungle. He is built to command troops as a general among many species. Blood thirsty Argo aims to eliminate wondering creatures that walk the lands on earth causing a path of destruction with his armies. However a force which no living mortal can triumph over, natures threats of wind, fire, water. All these threats continue living on the surface Argos crocodile species live under ground.

Sidekick: Fidel
Fidel is merely a walking poisons dart frog his origins consists of invertebrates, lizard type creatures have merged over time allowing them to now walk on there hind legs much like humans, I feel this is the case for much of that jungles animals, he is protected by Argo being his personal sidekick, the reason for this is that Fidel has lived for many years contains secret of the jungle history in which no other creature obtains. This is the secret to Argos superior rain without Fidel he is nothing.

From the research I have done you can probably see where my thoughts and actions have come from the jungle atmosphere that is being portray in my head is being expressed in the environments I have designed for my jungle forest , Global warming is effecting the planet wilderness, winter is becoming colder and summer is getting hotter, the future of the world will eventually come to an end an so on this assumption my vision I see is purely fiction just imagination why not have humans evolved into animals, this was the question I asked myself , I’ve always wanted to do this the existence of my characters humanity has dangers from outbreaks of bush fires to flooding and so on.
Jungle forest setting
Set in a utopian future my setting has evolved into an acclimatized mayhem, triggered by the increase of climate changes in which the human civilization had caused in the earlier period, these natural events where never changed for the better by mankind and so my environment will depict this, ultimately humans have formed into beasts with animals to create a kind of hostile species the feeling of hate and anger has amplified the atmosphere has become baron.

Most of my concepts start off with plans colour and thought out the steps you can clearly see the process I went thought gradually building up shapes, colour and tone.

Step 1: block of colour.

Step 2: adding detail onto colour.

Step 3: blocking out shapes and shadows.

Step 4: applying textures.

Step5: finishing touches

Step 6: overlaying more detail to piece
Practise piece becoming familiar with Photoshop once again.

Connecting tunnels of the villain’s habitats in the image you faintly see rows of armies crossing the path ways hold fire.

Underground scene.

Damaged Forest scene.