Sunday, 14 November 2010

Shadow Construction

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the structure of my scenes. I understand that they will involve projected shadow work which will be one of the main asset’s to the scene and what the viewer will see essentially. So therefore I will need to get the best result possible with my shadows.

Some sketches have been developed helping build an understanding of the shadow structure of an object. Again things have been kept minimal and basic by means of small 3d block shapes, a light source has been introduced to help picture the shadow.

Now the reason I’m doing this, if we take for example a section from my story as the ‘shadow’s creeps into the attic’, in know that there is one focal light source coming from the main window on the stairs landing. Which inevitable means the shadow can only be casted in one direct route. (Away from the window), illustration below indicates the directions in which the shadow can travel/cannot travel.
It’s important I take these steps as precautions when developing my shadows into my scene. Things could turn out wrong in terms of where the shadow is moving, stretching and taking form.

Another idea has arose whilst thinking about my shadow structure, perhaps I could manipulate the shadows that already exist in the environment as well as introducing mine own projected ones? Hmm something I’ll have to consider later.

Theses are some more sketches assisting my perception of shadows.
The techniques tips and tricks where picked up from

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