Friday, 5 November 2010


 I first come across this piece of software on our UCA group blog and instantly become addicted to it. Seems so basis yet sophisticated, It feel likes the freeware is an underground programme not yet discovered by those artists looking to expand there idea range and sources. So much can be done with this programme I don’t know where to start.

Okay this is a brief summary of the unique quality features Alchemy obtains and a break down of what can be done.
 “Unlike other paint programs, Alchemy is not necessarily about creating finished artwork, instead it focuses on using experimental interaction to come up with new ideas completely. 'Experimental interaction' in this case means things like using your voice to control how lines are drawn on screen, generating random shapes, or drawing with symmetry to create a quick and dirty face or body.”
“You might use Alchemy to draw for fun and experiment with, or if you're a more serious artist you might use it as a digital sketchbook - a place where you can experiment with new forms and drawing techniques. For example, like in the image below, you can create a quick and chaotic silhouette in Alchemy then later move to a more conventional paint program to add the finishing touches.”
I’ve collected a few demonstrations found on YouTube describing how expressive Alchemy is.

We as humans Identify shapes better then anything out there. Therefore using Alchemy to generate a wonderful exuberant range of shapes, contrasting elements can lead to a very nice construction, it allows for your imagination to run wide so to speak as often art work created with pen and paper can become uniform according to your mind set, the way you draw/figure things out. Alchemy brings another level of understanding/experimentation. This is what makes this programme so unique and adaptable to artists of today. I’m using this programme as the main engine to the designing also aesthetics of my characters. If expressionism existed in a programme or could be articulated in a piece of software I believe Alchemy holds the answer to this question as it obtains the characteristics of expressionism in my view.

Recommend to all!

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