Monday, 16 February 2009

week 19

Project building

Listening to the third yours projects and there achievements with the projects was very helpful understanding the issues and problem that occurred during there projects was something which we could remember for the future and the ways in which we could perhaps change or even stop it from happening some of the work was very interesting to see and the description of process was inspiring.

Planning was a huge aspect which some of the third years touched on.

Ideas can come from anywhere as we have a huge amounts of resources around use at the university, which we can look upon and work from become inspired researching etc, it is our job to be creative and come up with solutions to which are testing our creative ability's with out the planning it be quite hard to know what he next stage is for a project.

La Jetee

Dir Chris Marker

The editing was very good considering the time in which the film was made i especially like the montage editing with series of clips added together becoming very structured as the meaning was not only found in one shot it was located in the whole sequence of shots which in turn drives the narrative forward.the evidence shows people becoming stamped the music then starts to bring out the terror and violence which is occurring in the the scene and also depth was show with the different angles of the shots there were long shots mid shots and so many more.


Dir Alfred Hitchock


The film Psycho hits so many different areas for me within the horror film genre from all of the films we have seen so far this one in particularly i will never forget, the effect i felt during the film was completely different to the other films i was completely drawing into it and had a hunger to know what is going to happen next, you can see how some of the more day films have been influenced by Psycho.Going down in history as a very successful film.

Project evaluation

Though tout this project my planning has been fairly poor i need to learn the new technique of time keeping quickly as it is nearing the end of the 1st year and things will become more harder in the 2ND year,i know that there are other key things i can pick up on if i just organise the work that I'm am doing things better only become easier ,so in turn will improve my overall capabilities

I feel that the main aspects in which i succeeded in was the animatic and previs although the story was strong more areas of this could have been improved i created overall round about 50 -60 images which was enough however they needed to be more distinctive.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

week 18

Considering the weather lately the fact that i have chosen to work with penguins is perfect as it fits in well with the atmosphere at this moment in time.

Browsing for penguins activity seeing how they interact with each other was one of the aspect i checked out i thought i may need to know how they move etc and also could benefit more by taking some sounds from the clips as a bonus, whilst doing this i came across a video which was created last year by Darren Walsh (Animation Director) for the BBC this shows a good example of creativity such as stock footage,live action, computer generated animation plus how it was edited.

April fools done by the BBC involve animation

'Believable piece of natural history'
It seems very believable the way the animator have create the flying penguins.So much can be considered from watching this as i also noticed the element of humour as many people know that penguins can not fly.

I began thinking about my story even more recently and have come up with a finalised idea which i can work on this week my main priority will be to focus on the storyboarding and creating sketches which i will publish also.

The three act story structure:

Beginning (Act 1)

Capture Attention

Introduce Problem

The attention will be captured in the first few scenes especially the starting scene this will draw the viewer into the film, here the problem will also be identified as the Penguins have a feud with one other besides the hate they have for the out side world for example humans.

Humans have enclosed the penguins into a small enclosures for everyone to see however one penguin adores this fact and later pleases the crowd with his magic tricks and so on.

Middle (Act 2)

Provides Tension
Present Obstacles

Again the tension is between Natural and Humans there is furthermore a feud which creates a more meaningful tensions within the enclosure between the two rival penguins, in my story the macguffin is my object which is an 'egg' although often a macguffin is an insignificant plot device in my case the egg is significant as the main penguin gives birth becoming a rare occasion for the of the obstacles he faces is loosing his egg,with the egg the penguin becomes famous performing for the crowds without is he is just an average penguin like the rest although he thinks the public have come to see him and his new found ambition as a magician performing his magic tricks.

End (Act 3)

Provides Closure
Resolve Problem

The egg is stolen and the main penguin doesn't know were to look and can not find it,then blames his rival which leads to a huge fight as there strengths are equal becoming tired of this they bond a relationship a truce as such however his rival was write all along about the human because the egg was last seen leaving the enclosure with a keeper.

The idea for having character vs character came from this old animated series pib and pog there humours activity's was funny and enjoyable to watch I'd like to add a small element of this into my work.

'The latest model animation production from Oscar winning studio Aardman Animations is a witty pastiche of classic children's programmes. Pib and Pog bring a whole new meaning to mischief as their armless pranks become ever more outrageous.'

My storyboards

As the idea has changed slightly




You can see from the sketches done for my storyboard, that in the shots there are mainly two penguins this was the huge change which had to be made in order for my animation and the whole project in general, limiting it down made things fit in to the time scale.

Ive never used editing software such as adobe premiere pro cs3 so I'm expecting another challenge to overcome it will give me the opportunity to gain experience of a within new aspect of the course using editing software .

collecting the sounds

whilst searching around for free audio for my animatic i need to understand the files that worked on adobe premiere pro cs3 most of the files that i located worked however some didn't, you can also see from this print screen of my animatic where things were positioned.

Designing the animatic

When creating the animatic i thought it look very pain and so some of the effects helped using them was very simple , all that was needed was a simple drag and drop on to the clip or audio, some of the effects consisted of blurs mosaic and so many more there were other options such as audio effects and video effects adding to the wide range of uses premiere has.

The animatic will be accompanied by some illustrations from a scene within my story board i have to remember that timing is key to create a successful animatic the transitions between the image and the audio for example all these are need to be spot on as it will effect the overall preview.

Here are some examples of the shots which i modeled using Maya for the navigation pre-vis

The pre-vis is basically going to be a fight scene between the two penguins as the rival is standing looking around for the other penguin he is unaware that the penguin is hiding behind the rocks ready to ambush his pray.

I'm going to animate it using basic movements with the characters the thing to look out of is the angles of the camera which it what I'm going to focus on mainly when animating this sequence i will try to involve slow motion and other element for the piece, my aim is to create humour with the pre-vis is possible.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

week 17

Citizen Kane
Dir. Orson Wells

The design of my characters

The video above was discovered during my findings when researching pixar animation the clip is very useful showing Andrew Stanton's( pixar animator/creator) review on Wall E he is very experienced within the field of animation and so seeing this clip gave me some inspiration to my designs of my characters as i will try to base them on a type of pixar style of animation.

Exploring Animation


Pixar's animation itself is eye-catching and expressive this the reason for my choice using it as inspiration for my work they are one of the leading specialist within the animation industry which is appealing to me, i have grown up watching the gags and trick the films hold allowing me to try and grasp it.