Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Crit day week 8

Hmm Interesting crit today, it’s surprisingly made me more determined then ever to succeed in this project as much as I’d like to with the course. its a shame the lack of enthusiasm floating in the room at the time, by this I mean some people failed to show, and I’m disappointed in my own attempt to fully engage and embrace the crit in front of fellow colleagues, perhaps next time I should get some sleep, some showed some real potential none the less, so its time to really think positively with new developments.

For the crit today I produced a re-enactment of my old animatic over night with the new additions, it didn’t go down too well as the message that is trying to be conveyed in the animation becomes lost. Taking away the nature of the whole scary, spooky, effect I’m in search for.

So now, think its best I stick to what I have and improve it, tweak things like the sound and play around with the positioning of the storyboard scenes ect. What I would have liked was confirmation to carry on finishing the characters designs to a fully resolute state. However this

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