Thursday, 4 November 2010

Minor: Maya Tests

The purpose for these Maya tests where to see how modelling the characters from shard like shape’s react as shadows in my expressionistic world I’m creating and to see if it works transforming in a sufficient manner. The idea for this derived from a small clip found on take a look at (Heartbreaker by Arph).

I played around with Maya dynamics to generate the effect and used some editing techniques in After Effect to capture some of the movements.

Bird render 1
Bird render 2
Example of n cloth at work
Wall Morph
If we look back on some thing suggested earlier in the weeks of the project an idea rose about having some kind of morphing distortion warp from the wall in my scene. I’ve managed to come up with a possible resolution to this idea using Maya ncloth.
This illustration describes the morphing from the wall which represents the shadow monsters/creatures.


tutorphil said...

the n-cloth test is very interesting - and it lends a fluidity to the emergence of the creatures that is appropriate to the stretch and slide of shadows... I look forward with interest to what develops next on here...

Rdhillon said...

I find it interesting you use the word ‘fluidity’ in your comment. I’ve just completed a test using Maya fluids to influencing my shadow characters. Quite a nice effect too.Watch this space :D I’ll upload soon.