Friday, 6 August 2010

Cloverfield (2008)

Originally the whole idea for using motion tracking in this unit comes from events around me and the occasion that sticks out the most was watching Cloverfield, I enjoyed watching this film as I haven’t seen anything like it before a new fresh experience some mixed views about the film cover reviews. Mine was a positive baring in mind the film shows some tasty motion tracking at its highest we cant discard the use of monsters even though, there was no main focus on the creatures themselves as much as the story line they where still significantly used.

I like this kind of painterly aesthetic and so I’ll look to bring paints into the project and take a hand on approach with the designing and become almost an old school artist. I find there’s are two completely different levels of control with Photoshop and naturally pen and paper all this is going back to the Syd Mead ways of working.

Again this is how I normally start by researching the kind of artwork which has been created before, what is it important now is to establish a source or some kind of base to structure these creatures around which would be the next stage.
Monster study:
- Human muscle structures contours
- Combination of household creatures
- The creature Colourations ect…
concept work