Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Recent work has progressed around pre-production. At this stage of the assignment most of it should be completed and I feel that I’m almost there. Working on some preparation again, I’ve have gone back to the HD videos clips recorded for editing as my environment. In the recording phase the footage had ascertained a grainy like effect which was natural to the time of recording, although this is quite nice some of the moonlight effect I wanted to capture wasn’t evidence.

I have taken various shot of children’s room and manipulated them to feature a moonlight filled environment, the reason for my choice of a room instead of a hallway for instance is that fact I feel a room has a stronger appeal not only in relation to my pipeline of work but the content with in the room as well.

In the composition of my edits a range of adjustment layers have influenced the change and an element of this process will be brought onto my final composited shots.
Original photo 1
Manipulation test 1
Manipulation test 2
 Manipulation test 3
Original photo 3
Manipulation test
Original photo 4
Manipulation test

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