Sunday, 20 June 2010

Summer Update

Just a small update on the progress I am making over the holidays. I understand my blog has been dry over the last few weeks; however this is not to say I haven’t been busy. At the moment the holidays have been fairly constructive my aim is to keep to the plan set and produce some work ensuring my creative juices carry on flowing through onto the last and final year. The first few weeks where taken out to regenerate from the busy esting unit. Thoughts about my minor project where considered in the begging weeks of the holiday along with the dissertation. Thanks to tutor Phil an opportunity was offered by Squint Opera in which I could not deny a lot of my time has be devoted to working at Squint opera alongside one of my colleges Zack.

Before the summer break had begun the synopsis proforma for the dissertation was collected back some interesting feedback was gained. Positive criticism about my writing was retrieved. The main focus illustrated in the feedback suggested that I be clearer about the direction in which my writing is going however the basic idea was obtained and understood. Some more specifics had been given topics and areas to venture into improving my essay as a whole. I’d like to write as much as possible now and generate the chapters as no time can be lost in order to achieve the high potential I’ll bring into the 3rd year.

The Minor project has been pondering in my thoughts for some time now since the transcription unit as there are similarities in the overall requirements of the unit. I have some adventurous ideas the main one in particular includes a heavy use of match moving. I shall illustrate this further in another post.
My experience at Squint so far has been very positive; the placement requires me to work as part of a team on a full project from begging to end. Most of the work involves the use of Photoshop and After-effects we have been asked to produce end of year animations for the London art colleges as our clients, the content include students work (things like sculptures, paintings, footage) and many more types of artwork, to be edited with a narrative attached. It’s proved to be something new and a great insight to what goes on in the industry and the lifestyles. The atmosphere is very relaxed and calm compared to the lifestyle at university working in London as shown me how important the things you learn whilst studying carry on through into future work. At the moment it’s not confirmed if I can display work that is being done on the project but hopefully I can illustrate some pieces later in another post.

As far as the travel goes I’m getting use to the fact travelling four hours a day can become physically draining and now fully understand how Zack and Tod felt during there placement, hopping from train to train has taken its toll on me and is just a routine I go through to get to work now.