Friday, 19 November 2010


I have just assessed my video recording in which there was fifty two various shots, these are now narrowed down to the most defined and specific to the overall outlook of my animatic. The recording attempts most clear visually have been kept as they will help in the tracking events.

The Pre-Visualization is mainly based on the areas in which the camera is positioned which were taken from the storyboard discussed earlier, what I have gained from the structuring of the pre-viz is an important sense of timing with my shots, for instance where the most effective areas are in relation to the characters movement and a sense of logic in relation to my characters scale. This is something I can engage with when animating as there isn’t a rule book for my characters as such, they move and transform freely because they represent shadows which come in all diverse forms shapes and sizes/volume.

The target for the scene 1 is approximately between 1:00- 1:20 minutes, this will be judged on effective spots as I want to get the best out of the character. The next scene I’ll aim for around 2 minutes allowing the other characters described the poem to express themselves, this stage is quite delicate so I will be cautious when compositing the shots. In terms of the viewer’s perspective I don’t want to loose my audience interest. The first bear character will be introduced to the animation setting the bench mark for the others and bringing filmic language and research into play.

 Within the pre-viz the characters do not have a defined form they are indicated as coloured sphere's showing position of there interaction with scene.
Basic structure render 1
 Basic structure render 2
Outside window landing render

Collection of scene shots

Presented on the Pre-Visualization renders is a snap shot of the corresponding recorded footage.


Alan Postings said...

Hi Raj,

Nice job. However, a suggestion - Instead of having drawers and doors (attic) opening from a closed position it would be even creepier to have them partially open all ready. You could still have them move but this would reduce the movement to a 'Did that just move?' feel. For example in the case of the attic perhaps the subtle swing of an open door is enough. This may also be true of the ball.

Rdhillon said...

Hey thanks Alan, yeah I love that idea! I’ve had a few of these minor adjustment thoughts myself. We’ll discuss in tutorial session tuesday.