Tuesday, 27 October 2009

...presentation for Narrative

Hmm interesting stuff… now that we know where we want to take our narrative project with this James bond idea things can now start to progress here’s the load down with the presentation that has jus pasted, few more ideas where put across too allow Allen investigate our approach, Matt threw down an MTV James bond cribs idea which was some what discarded as quickly as it came up in the presentation, talking with Tom previously about a concept of a shopping channel advertisement type of scenario he has developed have Bond a Delia Smith style cooking show starring James Bond.’ He causally uses a bunch of his gadgets to make a 'delicious' meals’. My contribution was this shopping channel idea I indicated how it differ from the other idea many things can be done with this and influence was taken from the film ‘Holy Man’.

MTV cribs

Delia smith

QVC U.K. (United Kingdom, Teleshopping)

Most of the ideas where strong although the shopping channel one came above the rest Allen explained Q has always been James Bond assistant perhaps this time Instead of having James bond as the leading star of the show Q could be used. The main premise of the idea begins here we now can start to thing about gags and aspect which relate to the theme of the narrative project.

Holy Man 1998

Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen + Touch (Small)

Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen + Touch

Yesss!!! my bamboo has finally come and ready to create some digital art just in time, my tablet is hugely Beneficial so happy that is has been brought also allows me to use it in my free time to improve Photoshop Art drawing skills.On the other hand it stops me being a pain and constantly asking Phil and Allen for the tablet to borrow, much more convenient now.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Costume and props

Drawings other stuf

Four main steps to follow...

1. Inner life of the character
2. Character hierarchy the style and realism
3. shapes proportions and variance
4. costume props and detail

Random array of lines on a page just to see if I could notice a design in there somewhere, messing around with another method of creating a character I’ve picked out a few designs which relate they are indicted below.

Some cool faces i come up with ...

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Villain Character

(Side kick) in progress…
The villain’s sidekick is in the development stages and the style of character has already been assessed, going to be based around the poison dart frog.
Hero Character

The world my characters live in...

To bring your characters to life issues of there surrounding can be raised aspect such as this is considered here with my processes, taking it on board the goals is border to achieve ‘bringing the character to life’ a thought which plays over and over in my mind at the moment.

Our World Jungles Offer and exhibits great creatures, from animals to insects hundred and thousands of species, we as humans try to understand what happens within them, many documentary have been showcasing this in the past, so many various problems occur in the over grown habitats, man made pollution, cultural differences, deforestations, hunting, economic growth power over land, natural disasters (fires, flooding…) and so forth. These key features have enhanced my imagination for the surroundings the characters will be living in here you can start to pictures the characters as they are forming and relate to there surroundings.

A hierarchy is at work here for my characters you wouldn’t normally associate part of a monkeys excitants living side by side theoretically in the wild with a reptile, in this case crocodiles, this is the main reason for my choice in animals they obtain a reason behind them although you would find them indigenously in the same type of the world or habitat, Monkeys are seen as prey to crocodiles whist maintaining a dominant figure reptiles species have formed a predatory role from the beginning of time being descendants of historic icons from the dinosaurs ages here evidence is found.

Villain Character

Slender-snouted crocodiles are native to freshwater habitats in central and western Africa. They are a medium sized crocodile and grow to about 3 to 4 meters long. They have a slender snout used for catching prey, hence their name. Their diet consists of mainly fish, amphibians and crustaceans.


People often wonder what is the deadliest creature on the planet and argue about which animal should take that spot. To be honest though, none deserve that crowning glory better than us humans. But that set aside, let us take a quick look at the supposedly deadliest animals on the planet rated based on their danger to humans as the main criteria.

The natives just run darts against the skin of this tiny, bright and colorful frog from the rainforests of South America to hunt down prey. Why? Because its poison is enough to kill ten men and will be triggered the moment you touch its skin.

Hero Character

The Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey (Leontopithecus rosalia) also known as Golden Marmoset, is a member of the family Cebidae. Native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil, the Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey is an endangered species and among the rarest animals in the world, with an estimated wild population of 1,000 individuals and a captive population of approximately 500.

The Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey is reddish orange to golden brown in colour. Its hair is longer and darker around the face, forming a mane on top of the head and on the cheeks and throat. Its limbs are slender with sharp claws. Although quite long, its tail is not prehensile.


ONE OF the world's rarest and most beautiful monkeys has taken an important step back from the brink of extinction.The population of the golden lion tamarin of Brazil, a striking squirrel- sized primate with a furry head like a lion's mane, was once down to fewer than 200 left in the wild.

Friday, 23 October 2009




I’m trying to establish and prioritise elements of the character before developing initial sketches in doing so this will allow me to understand what needs to come after the character has been recognized, plus the next stage of development of the design can be planned out for improvement.

Here some colours that indicate and signifies our individual character, personality, tastes also attitude towards life. There may be array of reasons why people desire a certain colour over another. Different colours ignite different emotions in human consciousness. Colours have a strong impact on out day to day life on out personality. Knowing this I now can reflect this view onto the character designs.

Red: It is a strong colour, which represents materialism and desire, it catapults energy levels. It strongly increases strength.
Orange: It indicates sensuality and brings happiness in life.
Yellow: It stands for brainpower and healing abilities.
Green: It denotes compassion, love, affection, balance and harmony.
Blue: It stands for communication, vocal abilities, performing arts, and creativity.
Indigo: It symbolizes intensiveness, perception and deep relaxation.
Violet: It represents religious conviction, enhances self-respect and up lifts the spirit.
Magenta: It is a colour of the highest rank that induces freedom of spirit.
Turquoise: It is a tranquilizer and has a cooling effect.
(White): It constitutes all the colours and projects righteousness, isolation and wisdom.

Black: It denotes infinity and air of mystery.
Grey: It projects a sense of pride and self-importance.
Brown: It shows dedication, commitment and sacrifice.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Maya work update

Mini car model
Mmmmmodeling..modelling..modelling the term modelling seems very simple and easy to grasp, Maya draws you into thinking this but in reality its a bitch for some once you think you have it right, you then discover you need to added more to get it right it’s a pain which can be overcome if practised.

Here the stage in which my mini is in at the moment, basic shape…done … front section middle section and back section…extracted..done… geometry in place..done.
Things left to do :
Touch ups and tweaking
Front bumper
Front grill

To infinity and beyond… (Toy story buzz lightyear)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating a lip sync I feel that in a way it comes naturally when the task was set I found myself looking into a mirror miming the words to generate the shapes for the words that where begin formed by the character model.
Things to do:Small amount of tweaking exaggerate I/A, M, O, F, ect Add another key frame

Presenting our gags ‘Pitch’

Idea ...Rocky ..... shit

In some ways the 1st presentation went quite well in other ways in terms of the team’s progression things went well, although on the other hand some of the ideas didn’t quite go to plan. We received reasonable positive feedback from Allen and took another step to achieving a potentials spoof final idea.

The team decided the strongest idea was Toms James’s bond secret life at home away from the light and cameras, what does he do with all those gadgets? Here the question that will be answered in our spoof , as the task for the next presentation was to give few more ideas this lead to the chucky vs. saw collaboration.
My poster which surprisingly took an hour of my time.

I then started looking into other films that can and have a possible spoofable quality to them for example Dog soldiers very serious films, a lot of heavy violent scenes the violence lead to the troops death who are only trying to survive, the only down fall using this is that the public may not have seen it and the majority would not laugh. Therefore equals a shit idea.Audience need to be considered as a major part of what’s being created because there are certain standards that need to be held mixing category’s such as adult content with other PG stuff can be quite funny but need to observe, figure out what you are trying 2 convey in the idea 1st before carrying it out.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Postmodernism - Scream Dir.Wes Craven 1996

Postmodernism is a complicated term, or set of ideas, one that has only emerged as an area of academic study since the mid-1980s. Postmodernism is hard to define, because it is a concept that appears in a wide variety of disciplines or areas of study, including art, architecture, music, film, literature, sociology, communications, fashion, and technology. It's hard to locate it temporally or historically, because it's not clear exactly when postmodernism begins.

Perhaps the easiest way to start thinking about postmodernism is by thinking about modernism, the movement from which postmodernism seems to grow or emerge. Modernism has two facets, or two modes of definition, both of which are relevant to understanding postmodernism.

The first facet or definition of modernism comes from the aesthetic movement broadly labeled "modernism." This movement is roughly coterminous with twentieth century Western ideas about art (though traces of it in emergent forms can be found in the nineteenth century as well). Modernism, as you probably know, is the movement in visual arts, music, literature, and drama which rejected the old Victorian standards of how art should be made, consumed, and what it should mean. In the period of "high modernism," from around 1910 to 1930, the major figures of modernism literature helped radically to redefine what poetry and fiction could be and do: figures like Woolf, Joyce, Eliot, Pound, Stevens, Proust, Mallarme, Kafka, and Rilke are considered the founders of twentieth-century modernism.

Scream - 1996

I have kept postmodernism to a minimal purely to understand it better before I start giving my view about it , getting to grips with the whole post modernism can be every confusing and hard to describe however I have taken a lot from tutor Phil’s lectures and kept notes into where my thoughts will derive from within the postmodernism genre.

Scream is a great film in itself having watched the movies many years ago viewing it again allowed me to watch it from a different prospective and angle considering the factors from postmodernism I can really see how it relate to the film and would like to take this investigation of the relationship Scream has to Postmodernism further, this particular film has caught my eye and has become a strong candidate for my essay writing.

Scream reviews

Mainstream American horror films had become desperately sad by 1997. Yawn-filled predictability was the best you could expect. Then "Scream" came along. It appeared to be clever, dangerous, witty, and fresh, but it sadly became victim to the movies it mocked, even before it had ended.

A bravura opening five minutes winds the tension up brilliantly, as Drew Barrymore in a cameo becomes the first victim to a horrible masked killer. "What do you want?" she screams. "To see what your insides look like," hisses the maniac down the phone. Minutes later, she's gutted by the encounter, and in a miracle turn (or a sad development) for the horror genre, she's not had to expose her breasts in order to get brutally slain.
It's an important detail in a movie that's made up of teen characters who are all wise to the intricacies of what to do and what not to do in horror films. Multiple references to various movies of the genre litter a script that prides itself on being cleverer than the features it both mocks and reveres.

In for a particular bashing is the 80s slasher "Prom Night". For "Scream" to poke fun at "Prom Night" is a bit rich when "Scream" itself has an equally predictable stalk'n'slash plot that's barely justified by its knowing self-reference. Arguably, "Prom Night" is far less derivative as it was made back in 1980, the time at which the formula was still being perfected. After the initial jokes at the expense of such films, "Scream" runs out of humour, and in turn robs itself of the chance to get the audience to take the thrills and gut-spills it offers seriously.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Some Influences

Jungle Book



Lion King