Sunday, 7 November 2010

Maya fluid effects

Still in search for the perfect solution to casting a pulsating viscous like shadow of my bear creature, I’ve come across a new venture using a new medium of thought in Maya. I have found that this method creates another level of difficultly although the outcome can be very nice.

A significant part of the first scene shall portray some manipulation so it’s important I find the viable solution for this. I think this system works quite well and render time is keep to a minimal.

The model above was shaped from basically extruding the vertices on a low res model. It’s something I may consider to help structure my final characters. Once modelled it was placed in-between a fluid container as it emitted particles represented by the blue swirl in the screen shot below.
The emitted particle in the screen shot above has been influenced to react with the model causing it to deform. In the render shown below it may seem quick simple but for what I’d like to achieve it’s a contender for my choice of use.
The animated sequence has been applied to a spot light projecting the shadow animation.
The next line of the process, as a simplified version the rendered sequence has been projected onto a plane to show an example of what I’ll be doing.

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