Saturday, 22 May 2010

Tutorial Session...

Tuesday conversation with Alan was mainly along the lines of how I should improve my workflow at that point of the project also how I can refine areas of the workflow. I’m coming to the end of the week and the discussion lead to improvements in addition knocking out irrelevant pieces of the project so that the task can come together as a final resolved state. This was the last chance to overcome some concerns therefore they where discussed and feedback was given. One of the main areas that were examined was the storyboard although as you can see below the basic motions are displayed. A suggestion was to create a more choppy montage pose to pose sequence for my final animation resulting in a more clear distinction.

Finalized Idea:

My Esting conveys a short choppy comical animation with influence from martial’s arts. The sting starts off with fast pace action shots displaying my character (based on the E4 logo) performing martial arts moves, as these quick snappy poses continue the animation results in a contrasted scene of my character in a bedsit bringing out the comical element of this piece. Summary (Up tempo beginning then dull ending)

When looking at the colours that my animation will be based around the idea is to use very plane with a Pixar like quality colour palette. Whilst my audience view the Esting another prospect is to not over complicate things as the right message may become vague to the spectators, being basic is key to achieving a higher level of understanding in the case of this short animation.

Attention was turned to anime perhaps this was the approach in which I should have taken on sooner however lucky to notice just in time as it was vital to my animation. Once examining the various range of cartoons and anime it was then established a heavy use of vector like imagery was being displayed in fighting/action scenes, I carried out some research and located some examples in which will play an important part in narrowing down the clear distinction of contrast in the beginning and end scenes.

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