Sunday, 16 May 2010

Researching Martial Arts

I’ve given myself the opportunity to really look into something I find quite interesting in this assignment forms of ‘martial arts’. Formally having been to various martial arts classes boxing karate and taekwondo this is an aspect that is close to me. I’d like to start here just by showing some of the areas I have looked at as my characters movement will be influenced by a martial arts style of some kind. This is an important factor to obtain researching can lead to many solutions for example, should I contrast different martial arts or stick to the one? A question raised when gathering information.
Martial arts range from different countries to religions and traditions all over the world. I have noticed that there are hundreds of varieties also styles this is a benefit to understand as later refining my search will draw into a specific, although the idea is not to look to much into all of them the main focus will be the origins of Asian martial arts (Chinese/Japanese).
Forms of martial arts

 Introduction to Chinese Martial Arts
'Chinese Martial Arts originated from ancient traditional Chinese culture, it therefore has rich inner content and meaning. It was initially derived from Daoism, which is closely related to personal cultivation (self improvement). Its foundational components include cultivating virtue, artistic technique, nurturing health and longevity, improving physical condition, defending oneself and preventing violence. Hence, the first character in the word martial arts is “Wu” (武), which is formed by combining the characters for “stop” (止) and “war” (戈).'

The traditional martial arts forms are being practising all around the world they have served many purposes and the conduct of it contains many meanings, however I feel that it’s becoming evident that tradition in a sense is fading, if we look at films today and the past there is a strong contrast of the change and this will be an region of exploration films performing martial arts in the later period (60s/70s) and also examination of some well known pioneers within this genre the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Bruce Lee and Jackie having a “minor disagreement”
RMA also known as (Ryouko martial arts) an academy of gifted martial artists the YouTube video above showcases there ability and skills in a unique martial art forms being revolutionised in particular fields make these individuals stand from the rest in my opinion in the modern world today. Observing this has made me realise the difference of this art forms in which has taken place over the years and also to keep up with trends of today the audience will be considered thought my project so this is a key to notify the briefs requirements. The moves, stances, shapes of the figures body movements the artists perform are the kinds of direction that I have been in search for to create a better perception when animating.
Obtaining information about martial arts specifics I have come across the different kinds of equipment used and uniforms that are warn during training exercises and so on. In terms of the characters design this is an area that will be looked at.

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