Saturday, 15 May 2010

E4 character

I’m now beginning to form the character basis and the fundamental that my E4 consists of.
Characterising an object that doesn’t appear to have recognisable features can be a hard thing to do, the human body can be the source to identifying a piece for example as humans we can Identify arms legs limps faces ect so in sight of this I’m trying to replicate features and carry out these distinguished factors as it will be key to creating an understanding with my animated object the E4 character.


tutorphil said...

Evening Raj,

It hasn't escaped my attention that you're really throwing your weight at this project - just loving the proffessionalism, and your drawings etc. are characteristically engaging - great to see you getting into some serious 'squash and stretch' with your animated 4...

Rdhillon said...

Thank you Phil :) kind of found the time to start uploading some of the pieces of the project and yet more to come
What do you think of the idea? And do you have any suggestions?