Thursday, 6 May 2010

Tutorial session

The tutorial session was a time to express the ideas that where on offer some superior to others had been detailed more but my main focus was to share the ninja E4 concept making sure it was the right idea to go for.

I had received the thumbs up for it as the combination of the idea works with the sound. However some slight changes had also been issued Alan had suggested figuring out a solution to the sting how it should start? How should it conclude? After more chit chat my idea had become clear, now I shall prepare and characterise the E4 with influence from the marital arts period in this case the 60s 70s kind of era where a rise in combat fighting ‘ninja’ movies where brewing. Thinking about the 3 act story structure the most important part is the end in my case. The interior will no longer be a dojo the reason for this change is that a narrative can not be expressed. The animation shall now take place in a bedroom scene with notifications that tie in with the E4 programme indications such as colour and perhaps E4 wallpaper and so on. Another detail picked up on previously the comical factor will be displayed in my idea having the martial arts film genre influence as the main focal point. Camera movement will be considered from the research to highlight the word ‘comedy’.

I’ll look to run some tests and preparation over the next few days things like the movement of the E4 itself whether to use a rig or just alternatively deformers which would save time is an issue I can address, the design features along with a storyboard and other important factors to bring the project together as one. The brief requires a ‘making of’ document so this would be a nice chance for me to compile some development and the technical aspects of the project.

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