Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Keith Haring

All the artist that have been used in this assignment so far have giving me specific knowledge in those particular areas of importance in my project, last of the influential artists is Keith Haring he lived in the age of popular culture and was renown for his vivid style of art work. The art work possesses movement and strong identification something I that I have taken note of all the way through my project as it stands. Not only has the artistic style fits in coherence with my aesthetics and its colour palette he was a comical artist with hundreds of piece all around the world.
Throughout his career, Haring devoted much of his time to public works, which often carried social messages.’

I’m now at a point where I really need to start thinking about the movement of my character and how it will effect the animation. I’ve put together some poses, going back to reference footage, categorizing which poses work with others and how the transition between them will look for example are the things I assessed by drawing them down.
Pose sheet 1
Pose sheet 2
Pose sheet 3
Poses below used to influence animation.
In addition not only looking at the poses in motion on screen, sourcing reference from Peter Warr's Kung Fu hand book was a route that was taken. I found it to be very useful collecting various styles and coming up with my own in a sense.

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