Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Environment Design

I started off my scene by gathering general possessions that I think would work for my character.
The first layout plan depicts a living room scene drawn before the finalized storyboard this was changed to a more viable environment which turned out to be a bed sit. The potential was found from obtaining a bed sit rather than a living room as it tells you more about the character of the narrative again contrasting this worked well.
A great example of my ways of thinking is shown below I normally like to work things out through my drawing as well as gathering information with my mind. The next layout plan is very simple none cluttered and holds the basic necessity also created a list of the scenes entities ready for modelling.
Here’s my room with examples of the colour palette which appears to be very dull and attains a low amount of energy.
my custom vectors
I understand that the aesthetics in the animation require a background for the sequences whilst my character is manoeuvring in the scene, contrasting the beginning and end, its necessary to have dissimilar atmosphere which in turn enhances the visuals to my audience. I have collected different kinds of vectors with colour and devised my own from the research these are the final designs that i have come up with.

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