Thursday, 6 May 2010

Initial sketches

In the past it’s been apparent that ideas and the direct path in which to take a project has taken time to Digest, what I’d like to do now is exploit the areas of exportation and address some of the potential choices starting off with some very basic sketches also initial thoughts. On in this page I have outlined 7 ideas that have been lurking around perhaps one of these will work for me maybe can be used in a certain way although for another occasion.

Listening to the sound beds that have been given I have made my choice on the particular sounds I am going to base my project around. The sound has a kind of oriental tranquil western style of influence to it. This therefore targets one of my ideas in particular which ties in nicely.

1. The first idea has a kind of party atmosphere to it, it is essentially a huge E4 house with reference to smaller E4’s living there.

2. The second sketch indicates the E4 model with a certain level of characteristic. I’m interested in forming a strong visual identification of the logo itself in its own form. From many of the estings that I have seen I’ve become aware of a trend in the 2d element so as a result in order to create something different from the rest I shall embrace this assignment with a wide range of 3d elements.

3. The third idea shown is a simple love scene associating the E4 symbols in love.

4. The forth idea illustrates something that has been done before and show similarities to previous works however if I was to pursue this idea a strong use of a particular aesthetic would be applied changing it appearance.

5. The fifth design showcases the use of the word ‘ninja’ using the second idea to influence this one the characterization of the E4 would be well-built in the animation in the sense that the audience would be amazed. When listening to the sound choice and the description given it becomes clear with this idea the puzzle pieces are beginning to fit so to speak.

6. The sixth idea is a simple drawn 2d animation a guy with a flying E4 kite.

7. The seventh proposal is something small but effective having influence from advertising such the bubbles used by the mobile phone company O2 and various others I’ve prepared a concept below for this idea.

The initial intention was to create a character for this project allowing me to enhance my character modelling skills further, this would be a strong base with this unit to develop around although this isn’t a 15 or 10 week project time needs to be taken in account so I’ll have to put a hold on this for the time being and consider it over the holidays.

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