Monday, 8 March 2010

White board medium

The idea of investing in a whiteboard came to me during a lecture session whilst the tutor was explaining a theory he was performing a grid accompanied by a sketch, I feel that with this in mind I can jot down quick simple ideas that I might have and publish them. In addition to this large scale pieces can be create along with copies for example taking a photograph (scanning) into Photoshop and editing over the top.

The whiteboard allows me to save time, do quick sketches and results in a cleaner image depending on the level of detail, pencil can often smudge. One of the main features that attract me to using the white board is the simplicity of rub things out and over laying marker.
(Dry wipe 60 x 45cm whiteboard)
This is a sample of me sketching on the board below.

Another example of the process I’d go through to search out a concept design.

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tutorphil said...

This is such a good idea, Raj :-) It means you can be intuitive and fluid - and physical - and yet with all the convenience of a photoshop erase!