Tuesday, 16 March 2010

More Whiteboard Concepts and Sketches

The Thumbnails here are more renditions connected to the other final concept, different angles are being shown which correspond to the overall layout. These will be edited in the same manor as before to gather a clearer understanding of the space.

Once accessing my concept I started thinking about the general layout the positioning of various pieces of architecture and the relationships that are being shown, all the buildings need to have a senses of normality they need to fit with each other in this world im creating so everything even the smaller details need to be taken in consideration to the design.

There are two platforms of space in which the character/characters are able to manoeuvre ground 1 and ground 2 the reason being is so there is an element for the two areas to interlink, becoming more dynamic. Referring back to the novel some of the descriptions are explained very vaguely. ‘Logan found himself kneeling beside Lilith on a narrow ledge high in the complex. Below them, the great city was alive with snakes of light. He saw the rows of blinking glasshouse near Hurley Square and, beyond, the dazzle of Arcade. ’ So this therefore allows e to fill in some gaps and grasp the overall look myself. External logic will play an important part in the design as to one of the goals is to push reality in my design work and get a nice defined believable world.

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