Sunday, 14 March 2010

More Whiteboard Skecthes

To some this may look like a random array of lines. To me I can see conceptual artwork.

All these concepts can be taken and developed to give a greater aesthetic. I have played around with various line work and different perspectives from a single point to a dynamic 3 point. The purpose of the quick fire thumbnails was to give me a sense of proportion and angle for my camera. Some of the sketches work and some don’t however every inch counts perhaps a piece obtains something useful. The level of details is clearly obscure as I’m only using one thickness off marker having other dimension would require smaller markers to add more elements. The first broad of thumbnails was every sketchy with a light significant value the 2nd board I spent more time on really concentration about my environment.

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tutorphil said...

I love these drawings, Raj... :-)