Sunday, 14 March 2010

Some structural architecture and modifications

It was hard to picture the overall surroundings that were being illustrated in my head, a stepping stone to achieving some designs for the environment was to creating some randomized aerial plans in black and white using Photoshop as a tool.
Then taking the plans and visualising them into a 3d dimensional space the black value indicates some kind of architecture the white would be the area around the raised value.

A previous drawing needed to be concluded if you have seen the subsequent sketches that have been made you will noticed that the shape and form of the structure is the same as this one. I’ve tried to put a graph together along side a Birdseye view of its blueprint using the method before. Still not completely resolved so therefore this would be something I’ll be revisiting.
A whiteboard concept at work.

An earlier piece shown above also the transformation into the beginnings of a main concept, still a lot more line work needs to be added plus detail. Once I am satisfied with the level of detail the next step will be to take it into Photoshop adding colour, depth, tones and textures.

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