Sunday, 14 March 2010

Logan’s Run Novel Descriptions

After Reading through the novel I’d thought it would be best to archive the important descriptions, therefore this will allow me to go back over and re address them much was taken from the descriptions for the designing for my environments. To some extent I was disappointed with the lack of descriptive content in the novel although it was a very shot one. There are various ways of devising description the best ways was to develop an understanding for the emotions that where being issued in the novel, taking these into consideration allowed me to plan out a vision for the way in which things appeared, emotional states whether it be antagonism or depression even a joyful frame of mind can effect the overall layout of the fiction you are creating. This philosophy about using characters emotions to develop an environment was the kind of mentality that was being followed.

Logan's Run Nolan & Johnson 1967

These are few extracts taken from the novel in which I worked from:

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