Monday, 8 March 2010

Progression review

Alright time to get an overview with where I am in terms of my project and tasks that need to be addressed perhaps some issues can be detailed also.

The whole structure of my transcription unit has under gone a few changes where the goal before was to create a epic game trailer along side a character based on the Logan Runs novel, all being very game based now will no longer obtain this extreme factor of bring a trailer to life, all my work so far related to the assignment will still come of use as the target still require the game element and details from the novel. As for creating a game trailer the scale of this may be too vast for the time period In which the project is set .Producing a relatively strong piece of work plans would have to become more simplified adjusted to a smaller magnitude to fit into the time line therefore the new approach and strategy that will be at work is a ‘less is more’ kind this in turn lets me look for more quality in the work I create.

Looking back on what I have done so far in terms of preparation for this unit things are coming along nicely however need to pick up my game as tutor Phil suggested ‘week 6 on the horizon’. Time is running out fast. I need to conquer the planning phase for the assignment which will be my next task producing images (layouts concepts sketches) of the landscapes involved in my work so I can relate it to the modelling part of this project.

New project layout: Developing game concept art based on the Logan’s run novel which will be depicted in animated digital design using Maya 2010. This allows the viewer to have a sense of the environments which is playing in my mind and establish the world I am seeing also a great way to showcase my artistic abilities within a fictional style of art work in this case largely game set design.

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