Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Maya Work

The layout for my modelling process I find to be very important this will determine the areas in which my models (architecture) will sit and also give a small sense of scale. I can no look back at the layout and derive a model for example pre-visualization as I would like to show the camera movements within the scene. Having this ready is essential after the modelling, texturing, lighting is I can commence rendering.

The animation shall circulate my game environment we are diving into a utopian realm constructed from the Logan’s Run novel, I felt there is a need for the main backbone of my project being the novel to show and shine its significance to the transcription that I am depicting. The palm crystals is a good indication also entity as this can be seen as the main focal area to the whole Logan’s run story. Society having to controls the level of population that live in the underground quarters renew there crystals, coming of age where they are no longer authorized to live, therefore in terms of my games platform I am creating a stage for a character/characters to manoeuvre in.

The idea is to merge and render out 2 may be 3 separate passes together, hence the camera movement around my environment this will allow me to showcase the model wireframe. I would then like to show a kind of transformation going into a toon shader perhaps then the finalized texture much like what is being exhibited in this showreel below by Ryan Taylor.

Camera Test

I received some help from my colleges about the way in which I’d like to manipulate my camera, I was unsure how to focalize the camera to a certain position while animating it along a curve as a motion path and so come up with this solution which helped with my the pre-visualization.


Keith Larkin said...

Hey Raj.

I'm having a problem that i hope you can help with.

I have created a camera and path for some pre-vis but i cannot get the camera to move around the path and look at specific points.

The process i have taken is this.

created a curve->created camera->animate->motion path->attach to path.

What steps did you take to animate your camera?

Rdhillon said...

Hey Keith

Seems like what you have done so far is correct now just.
Create menu>locator>select the locator then the camera >constrain menu> Aim options make sure you reset settings >in the aim vector channels change X-0, Y-0, Z-1 click apply. Now you are able to control the cameras movement using the locator and set key frames with it. Next step is to select camera>in channel box should be camera1_aimConstraint1 under shapes change offset Y to -180 this will reverse the locator so it’s positioned in front of camera.

I’m in tomorrow if your having trouble with it hope it’s helped.