Friday, 5 March 2010

Practise concept complete

Ok perhaps this concept is a little over the top although I’m happy with the result I kind of got carry away with it. Being very fussy and concentrated on the overall look, the general idea behind this piece was to put as much of my technical abilities within Photoshop into play. Express many colour values and lines with out taking away the overall futuristic landscape appearance. The concept is still very sketchy and not at defined as I’d like for it to be. Maybe in the future I can come back and revisit the render and improve it. For now I’ll get back to the designing for my environment.

Here’s an example of the various stages I went through in completing the concept:

1.          2.

3.          4.
 5.         6.
 7.         8.


Alan Postings said...

Hi Raj,

Liking it - Keep going!

Rdhillon said...

Thanks Alan :)

Tom Beg said...

Wow! Pretty awesome Raj!

tutorphil said...

You're right, Raj - it is a bit fussy - BUT it's also got some real retro charms and it reminds me too a little of the work of Max Ernst - in this sense, there's something textural and painterly - but, for this same reason - rather 2 dimensional - as if the surfaces etc. are not being effected by light...?

That said - very exciting to see some work arrive - but (I know you know this) you definitely need to speed up and move this project along at a cracking pace! Time is moving on very quickly now... week 6 on the horizon!