Friday, 19 March 2010

Environment development

I’ve spent most of my time lately working on some details that will appear in my scene, along side these details my main concepts are almost finished and ready to reveal on my blog they are currently going under some refinements.

I found that my scene is a little short of describe content, in order to get the best effect to the audience about the world they are watching some clues need to be added giving the feeling of a clean futuristic utopian environment, as this is the kind of dynamic I’m looking for things needs to be clear, such as the athletics of details. I have this vision of my world containing a totally different means of transport society no longer need to travel in vehicles another way is by using the ‘travel controller’ plotting coordinates then entering the jelly water type substance allowing it to flow you into the right direction, It is the future. Transporting civilization quickly and efficiently free of charge this is an underground technology which enhances ways of transport economically no more emissions.

I’d like to model out a revisualization of my sense and test the way in which my camera will move and also get a sense of scale working with the models, this is a nice way to establish which angles work better then others and so on. I’ve modelling out a quick example of the Palm Crystal hand sculpture which is in a way the heart of my scene as this depicts the strongest relationship to the novel and its story line.

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