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Researching Utopia
One of the main assets to my project concerns this words ‘utopia’ the decision was made to really try to explore the word and find out some real truth and meaning, I’ve established the words profile description but this is not enough to go by, during last weeks tutorial session a good indication of a utopian environment was depicted. Now immediately when the name mentioned is George Lukas, star wars is a highly recommended topic of discussion although other pieces under his direction are not forgotten here I am referring to the film THX 1138 and the quality’s it consists of. Whilst the tutorial session some aspects about my choice of direction for the unit needs to be more clear, what is utopia?
a. often Utopia An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.

James Kanjo
Utopia is often referred to as the “Perfect World”

Future City: Experiment and utopian in architecture (Thames & Hudson)
Hollywood Utopia: Ecology in Contemporary American Cinema (Pat Brereton)

The quote shown here was taken from Hollywood Utopia
‘1950s science fiction films dealt with ecological fears most exploring the potential effects of nuclear destruction together with environmental degradation. With the, transformation of science fiction films in the 1980s, the mood had changed, many claim, towards the presentation of much more complex, pessimistic and nihilistic vision of the future.’

The reason for this quotation is to show that time scale in which best depicts the notion of utopia now from reading through its obvious this can be seen as being a bias statement by Pat Brereton as it does not reflect on the world as a whole it’s a single someone’s view although very useful as it can be looked upon if I’m rearing off track with my work.
Utopian Reader (Claeys Gregory, Sargent Lyman T)

Utopian Reader (Claeys Gregory, Sargent Lyman T)

Future City: Experiment and utopian in architecture (Thames & Hudson)

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