Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Transcription Project

Ok new project new start its time to start thinking about the way in which I’d like to take this project. The direction will be more innovative compared to recent projects, taking in account all the things we have learnt working as a group its time to gather all the resourceful knowledge from pervious assignments and apply it to this one , the transcription project will be entirely devoted to ourselves functioning independently more then ever, pervious assignment was a group one and now its time to get back into the swing of working individually although this obviously will not have an effect on receiving feedback from colleges in the same manner they have there own duties. I believe the narrative task had its up and down the main thing is something was taken from it I also felt it was a huge success in areas I’m ready to move forward promptly.

This is a small important extract from the brief that has been issued ‘this unit requires the transcription of a narrative or body of investigation and knowledge into a complex project that exploits the atheistic possibilities of digital environments. It requires the section of an appropriate source of insertion and to critically define its, narrative structure (including diegesic and non-diegesic elements) aesthetics qualities, environment, characters, and sounds cape.’

As I really want to push myself with this unit my thoughts are wondering quite widely and finding it hard to focus on what it I actually would like to produce there is so much time, therefore anything can be achieved depending on the scale of the goal. Numerous ideas have popped up into my head during our long Christmas break, ideally some will work and some not so much. As the unit expects a transcription of something of our choice my attention has been on to some extent wondering, the kinds of possibilities that are available and potential targets. Whilst briefing of the project I took down a few keys notes showcasing some of the previous work.

  • Transcribing a song.
  • Architecture.
  • Revisiting an old game.
  • Piece of literature.
A number of ideals I have listed above are examples of existing work created by past students; the notion of a song can be captured in many ways sadness to excitement, an animation can be prepared to fit with a existing or a piece of architecture from ancient times can be rebuilt to portray for example for educational purposes or just to show a vision of the buildings characteristics, so many possibilities.

For me the strongest foundation to start and develop ideas around is transcribing a piece of literature whether it is content from a novel such as a descriptive passage or a meaningful poem still yet to decide. One idea that comes to mind is perhaps taking a piece of text and transforming this into reality there are hundreds of books out there for instance we take the film War of the worlds (author H.G.Wells) firstly the novel then an adaption in 1953 to most recently 2005 the next step would be a video game for example, deliberation about this idea came from one of the earlier units ‘digitals environments’ as I was given Adlous Huxley’s Brave new world the text was transcribed into digital concepts. Another way I could approach this project is to transcribe a quote for instance a famous saying ‘A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.’ I can imagine a few ways to come within reach of this however could be too blunt and not give me enough information to work from therefore very individual. Another idea recreating a graphic novel is a possibility.

After looking at some considerations I’d like to share the aspects which could play a vital role lets get the ball rolling, I feel that a utopian/dystopian kind of existents is what I’m looking for something different fresh and new maybe time to try out things for games other than films. This is my chance to add new skills and be more dynamic here are various words to convey my aim: Action packed, futuristic, Sci-Fi, fantasy, emotional, energetic, excitement. With these thoughts in mind a game trailer based on a novel is my proposal. I would like heavy influence of Environments and perhaps a character to compliment this also. Therefore this transcription project will convey my strengths, designing layouts for instance environment s, characters and development of these.

Next steps to look at games as whole, research trailers, concepts old to new amongst following a line of investigation on more topics of this unit. As the idea subject matter is coming to a resolution I’ll await my tutorial on Tuesday to see if theirs a novel that can be recommended and begin work.

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