Saturday, 13 February 2010

My Logans Run novel is here!

After some anticipation about my novel it has finally arrived. I have already begun to read a few pages from the Logan runs novel and have established a few facts. Society lives until 21,there is a crystal like objects attached in the right palm of ever being which also obtains a colour after 7 years of living yellow sun from birth then electric blue into mid teens and final blood red as it approaches 21 the end of your life span. A dull black appears as people come to reach of there 21st birthday.

Narrative is key despite my goals of achieving a game environment I must considered every aspect of the novel taking in account even the smaller details. Over the next few days I’ll be reading the novel and jotting down key notes from which I can work from also in addition will keep up to date with the plans of my project and developing the key implements to this assignment.

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