Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Project Plan

The duration of this unit is 10 weeks, as the weeks progress I think is vital I know what I’m working towards next in this kind of pipe line process without say for example the researching there is nothing to base my concepts on (project hierarchy) therefore I’ve devised a quick schedule from the top of my head of some unit requirements things I need to maintain and produce. In the past we have working on a very tight deadline and the aim is to push myself and treat this project as if it was a 5 week one in the similar fashion as the 1st years. I’d like to keep track of this list further adding to it.
Trancription schedule
week 1-Researching transcription, ideas
week 2-Researching narrative
week 3-Concepts
week 4-designing characters sets...
week 5-Previz camera movements
week 6-Modelling, characters sets...
week 7-Texturing lighting
week 8-Animating
week 9-Rendering
week 10- Editing Making of

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