Friday, 12 February 2010

Enviromental Sketches

The motive behind these drawings are purely being futuristic they where drawn before this project in my feel time during the holidays and now I feel its time to publish them as they may come of use. Roughly drawn out from the top of my head no reasoning behind them, when I look back onto them you can notice the live work at play. I feel that my sense of prospective needs some touching up on this will allow my concept art to shine through.

This is a quick first attempt at a concept of my underground utopia. I will need to know my landscape structurally therefore creating individual unique buildings , obviously from this image a great detail is not seen as of yet, the next stage for this concept is to take it into Photoshop and fabricate some realism into it colours shapes and size of buildings should be considered.
Another rough outline blocky shape mainly focusing on using perspective.

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tutorphil said...

Hi Raj,

I'm very excited by these drawings and your absolute determination to develop a strong style... well done.