Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Techniques of James Clyne
Yet another Gnomon Video this time James Clyne shows ways in which to start a concept and render it into a cinematic environment. I’ve always found it fascinating watching these DVD’s my brain is constantly engaged picking up ways in which to enhance the foundations that go into a concept piece take this for example(black and white sketch above) the development stages into the final concept push me to learn new things from Volume 1 heavy use of lines are collected on the page this in turn will enable a stronger feel of the environment that are being drawn, having the basic knowledge of the environment being represented can determine the strength on structures and architecture allowing your concept to enter the realm of realism.“As a concept artist you are trying to push the boundaries into realism.”

Most recently I have watched the sequel to the previous DVD (Volume 2) the techniques of James Clyne. What I had noticed is the use of colour and layering patterns James uses over the 2 hour period on his concept, they do not differ largely from what I already do although some of the main strategy’s to construct the Render can come in handy so in this case I have taken note. He suggests sticking to around 10 main brushes and using adjustment layers to add extra depth when your environment is looking slightly dull.

James Clyne


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