Saturday, 13 February 2010

Feng Zhu - Colour Values

Colour Values
A study of Colour Values dark, medium and light indicates a great basis for a concept only taken around a few minutes to do. You are able to see an immense deal of special awareness in the scene by placing light colour value in the background of the image more finer details can shine through for example the selling point of the piece other detail to be aware of in colour studies such as this one are the foreground elements again by adding recognizable figures into the thumbnail things become more comprehensible.

The next stage concerning the concept phase for this unit is to take this further and develop more of these colour studies for my project.

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tutorphil said...

Love these! Very expressive, Raj - and yes, they just invite the viewer to see 'spaces' within them. Looking forward to seeing more work from you Raj - you've absolutely caught my interest. I'm watching this space.