Friday, 5 February 2010

Logan's Run

Oh yes! Just what I was expecting. I’m grateful for the tutorial session with Alan on Tuesday. The problem that I was facing has now been resolved, I had explained the situation and the way in whish I would like to precede this unit, Alan has suggested to stick to a novel based on my idea and vision using a piece of literature to embrace a game trailer. As I was finding trouble to find something that fits into my thinking of a utopian future theme things had been put into prospective and therefore the guidance from the tutorial lead to the novel Logan’s Run (1967) by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson published in 1967. This is a great example ‘waiting to be made into a game’ in addition to the novel, a comic illustration has been issued, there is also a film that had been launched in 1976 and another remake is due in 2012.

The main issues where addressed in the tutorial texturing and lighting, I’m now more confident about the road that is being taken, pleased concerning the positive feedback in relation to my idea. Logan’s Run novel has been ordered form Amazon, whilst waiting I am going to explore the novel, reviews, the content other peoples visions and so on this will help me create my own view about the book perhaps even start some art work.


Logan's Run: Science Fiction and Post-Apocalyptic
Logan's Run (trailer)
Various websites I have been reading through to enhance my knowledge of Logan’s Run

There are indeed some interesting ideas in this film along the lines of environment, energy, and progressivism:

  • that war, overpopulation, and pollution can all get so out of control that the planet becomes unlivable;
  • that even under the worst of circumstances, technology save us (or at least some of us)—an idea that is currently hotly contested in environment and energy circles;
  • that relinquishing one's personal freedoms for the sake of general survival, safety, and security can be a happy thing.

Novelist William F Nolan has signed a deal with Bluewater Productions to release Logan’s Run in an all-new comic book adaptation and series. Working in collaboration with William F. Nolan himself, “Logan’s Run: Lastday” re-imagines the classic trilogy and continues forward with all new adventures.


Alan Postings said...

Hi Raj,

My name is spelt 'Alan' not 'Allen'


Alan Postings said...

P.s. Be careful, don't get too involved with the visuals from other versions...Wait for the book and find your own 'Logans Run'.

Rdhillon said...

Hey Alan sorry about that,

ok will do, just trying to get a sense of what Logan’s run is about as the book may take a little time to reach me, have just finished watching the film and was disappointed about the ending hmm however found the start interesting.