Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Transcription Poem?
Kaleb Gonzalez
 The Lonely Robot

All the chips and wires,

Can never hide his constant desires,
He wants to be loved,
He wants to know if there is someone above,
He can't feel any pain,
He knows no gain,
No singing in the rain he'll rust,
All work, no break or bust,
To be forever told what to do,
Nobody knows what he goes through,
Being able to weigh everything to the nearest gram,
But to live life through a program,
Never being able to break out of the norm,
Never able to play in the storm,
Whole life behind walls,
For you no one calls,
Skin so cold, lifeless in a way,
Code so simple, 0’s and 1's what they say,
No memory for friends,
No power to make it end,
Today is the same thing,
Work as the bell rings,
One day I want to rot,
Forever I’ll be the lonely robot.

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