Friday, 26 February 2010

Logos Re-think

The logo design I had created looks to be kind of isolated from the sci-fi content of my work. It was suggested by tutor Phil that I go for a more fantasy like design therefore re thinking it and coming up with some more examples. I like the combination of the R and L linking together so perhaps keeping this could be an option the main gist of the previous idea was very basic, time to change.
Here I picked up a cool looking font which I think works best with my logo.

Before I began sketching some of my own ideas it was important to gather some reference just so I know I’m on the right lines to what I’m trying to achieve.




tutorphil said...

Hey Raj - don't misunderstand me - the L/R combo is great - it's just the overall aesthetic I wanted you to reconsider - and it looks as if you've already moved things on nicely...

Rdhillon said...

Cheers Phil :D