Tuesday, 27 October 2009

...presentation for Narrative

Hmm interesting stuff… now that we know where we want to take our narrative project with this James bond idea things can now start to progress here’s the load down with the presentation that has jus pasted, few more ideas where put across too allow Allen investigate our approach, Matt threw down an MTV James bond cribs idea which was some what discarded as quickly as it came up in the presentation, talking with Tom previously about a concept of a shopping channel advertisement type of scenario he has developed have Bond a Delia Smith style cooking show starring James Bond.’ He causally uses a bunch of his gadgets to make a 'delicious' meals’. My contribution was this shopping channel idea I indicated how it differ from the other idea many things can be done with this and influence was taken from the film ‘Holy Man’.

MTV cribs

Delia smith

QVC U.K. (United Kingdom, Teleshopping)

Most of the ideas where strong although the shopping channel one came above the rest Allen explained Q has always been James Bond assistant perhaps this time Instead of having James bond as the leading star of the show Q could be used. The main premise of the idea begins here we now can start to thing about gags and aspect which relate to the theme of the narrative project.

Holy Man 1998

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