Friday, 9 October 2009

Mullholland Drive Dir. David Lynch 2001

Mullholland Drive Dir. David Lynch 2001
Absolutely crazy that’s how I some up this film... didn’t except the ending of the movie was completely focused on the outcomes and was disappointed. The weirdness got to me, like most others who have seen Mulholland drive I assume this film confused the hell out of them, much like Blue Velvet which we watched in the 1st year there are questions in the films that have not been answered which relies on your own assumption to what event are accoutred and the reasons be hide them. Besides this excellent camera shots for instances the kissing scene with Betty is at her audition ‘seems so real and part of the actual film’.

1. Betty/Diane is trying to make it in Hollywood and falls in love with Rita.
2. Rita gains some success and distances herself from Diane.
3. Diane, hurt and disappointed by Hollywood and Rita, hires a hitman to kill Rita.
4. Betty/Diane realizes whatshe’s done, and kills herself.
5. The Club Silencio scene is when she understands she's done something evil and her soul is "taken" by the Emcee.(Betty/Diane is already dead at this point, just not aware of it.)
Most of the film is in flashback.