Friday, 23 October 2009



I’m trying to establish and prioritise elements of the character before developing initial sketches in doing so this will allow me to understand what needs to come after the character has been recognized, plus the next stage of development of the design can be planned out for improvement.

Here some colours that indicate and signifies our individual character, personality, tastes also attitude towards life. There may be array of reasons why people desire a certain colour over another. Different colours ignite different emotions in human consciousness. Colours have a strong impact on out day to day life on out personality. Knowing this I now can reflect this view onto the character designs.

Red: It is a strong colour, which represents materialism and desire, it catapults energy levels. It strongly increases strength.
Orange: It indicates sensuality and brings happiness in life.
Yellow: It stands for brainpower and healing abilities.
Green: It denotes compassion, love, affection, balance and harmony.
Blue: It stands for communication, vocal abilities, performing arts, and creativity.
Indigo: It symbolizes intensiveness, perception and deep relaxation.
Violet: It represents religious conviction, enhances self-respect and up lifts the spirit.
Magenta: It is a colour of the highest rank that induces freedom of spirit.
Turquoise: It is a tranquilizer and has a cooling effect.
(White): It constitutes all the colours and projects righteousness, isolation and wisdom.

Black: It denotes infinity and air of mystery.
Grey: It projects a sense of pride and self-importance.
Brown: It shows dedication, commitment and sacrifice.

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